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Films & Articles


A short video clip of Dr. Ida Rolf introducing the concept of Structural Integration.
An overview of the approach and research of Robert Schleip at the University of Ulm, Germany.

A beautiful short film featuring with many direct students of Dr. Rolf including Nicholas French, Joseph Heller, Tom Wing and many more, talking on her approach to the body.

This video shows a client walking before and after the 10 sessions of Structural Integration.


By Tom Myers, (Author of Anatomy Trains and Director of KMI).

By Roger Golten, (Hellerwork Practitioner and Author of “The Owners Guide to the Body" ).

By Austin Considine, in The New York Times, 6th October 2010.


For links to the websites of the different SI Schools, please click here.

International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI)
An International Association set up to unite the different SI Schools that exist across the world.
International Fascia Research Congress With additional events and workshops listed here.

The Ida P Rolf Research Foundation

SOS International
SOSI offers bespoke trainings in how to identify, prevent and resolve symptoms of traumatic stress. SOSI also organises Peter Levine's "Somatic Experiencing" trainings in the UK and France.